How to promote your YouTube channel?

The competition of winning the hearts and minds of people, through the upload of videos that would in return earn you a lot of money, is in vogue. There are several methods that people follow to increase their YouTube followers. One such method is to promote your YouTube channel. There has always been confused about how to do so. We know that there are about hundreds of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube. People usually buy YouTube subscribers. Instead, they should ask themselves – what is that which grabs the sight of all? There are several factors that one must keep in mind in order to promote their YouTube video. 

Search Engine Optimization of your channel

It is very simple. It not like regular SEO. Rather it is as simple as your Google search. YouTube has a certain unique algorithm for its search results. 

It would let you know which video is seen by what kind of people. This would lead you to reach your target audience

Do your keyword research. Plan a script. Add a brief description. And some more stuff. You must SEO your channel before going for the promotion. 

Use Facebook to advertise smartly

People all over the world use Facebook. Almost four out of six people visit Facebook at least every half an hour. Using Facebook to promote your YouTube channel is the better choice than going to some other social media sites. It is better to advertise through Facebook than to buy YouTube subscribers.

Capture them in the first three seconds of your advertisement. Being honest about objective and clear about the target will help you a lot in analysis of the Cost Per Click on Facebook as well as YouTube. 


Developing a strategy for branding your channel would help you a lot in the promotion of the channel so buy YouTube shares. Have a three seconds attractive and interactive intro in your video. Create a colourful thumbnail. Get an attractive classy font. Making an outro is essential for letting people know the other videos in that playlist. 

Integration of the blog

Blog and YouTube videos must go hand in hand. It gives your content the depth your viewers need. Create a systematised blog of the articles with the same topics as on YouTube. Have a categorised vision. 

The most important part of YouTube videos is promotion. It is not only expensive but also time taking. The above article has the capability to guide you through the four most important points to consider for the promotion of your YouTube channel. This brief understanding is a must go.