An emerging social media and social media powerhouse which lets the users create short videos and share short videos. 1.65 billion times people have downloaded TikTok, Sensor Tower, an analysis firm estimates it. TikTok is the new outlet for self-expression from the perspective of teens, the weird and the loud, and one proudly home to the silly. Welcome to the world with bifurcated TikTok. There is a little doubt for users on TikTok that find it irresistible. But TikTok is also a US subject, and the lawmakers are worried about the censorship risks and national security posed by the TikTok Chinese ownership. TikTok is the first china owned social media platform to make inroads seriously in the west, so it draws so much attention. Smash is all countries, and also in the U.S., Attracting companies and celebrities are eager to reach young adults and kids disconnected from traditional media. The NFL has a TikTok account. So do The Washington Post, The U.S. Army, Chipotle, Reese Witherspoon previously used it to recruit soldiers. TikTok is the world’s second most downloaded app in the Google app store and Apple store, trailing only Whatsapp. TikTok has roughly doubled its user base in the U.S. to 37.9 million in 2019, eMarketer, and a research firm give this estimation.you don’t have to friend for anyone for watching to search for anything. Yes, of course, Politics is still there. So this the misinformation of social media plague. “harmful misinformation are prohibited,” says TikTok. TikTok makes money from advertisements, and also sometimes, the campaigns are not readily identifiable as an advertisement. Companies can start challenges based on a hashtag that invites the creators or users to participate by posting their videos—often incorporating a particular dance move or dance. Users created 4 billion views for three million videos for the E.l.f. Cosmetics’ “eyeslipsface” campaign. Buy TikTok views and get views like million and billion  for your videos. Some users say TikTok is more authentic than the polished and self-consciously pretty Instagram. A part of Snapchat fuels the rise of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram ads, and it has shaken U.S. services. In 2019 the company behind the Snapchat platform started to listing TikTok as its competitor in 2019. Because of worries about children, TikTok is temporarily banned from India and Indonesia. To ensure a safe environment and a positive environment, TikTok is working hard.