How To Spice up Branded Instagram Reels Content

Instagram rolled out its latest features “Reels” around the world which allows users to create shareable content up to 15 second of multi clip video. There is an explore page on Instagram. When your video is displayed on the explore page, you get more visibility than just your followers. 

How To Create Your First Instagram Reels? 

Open the Instagram app. Tap the camera tab. You will see three options and Select the Reels tab from the options.There are four options to edit your video at the right corner of the screen such as music, speed, effects and a timer.

Music: Use the audio whether Instagram’s music library or your own record audio. 

Effect: Over a thousand AR effects there and choose anything based on your content from Instagram’s catalog.

Timer: It is a hands-free tool. You don’t need to stop your video after your recording is finished.

Speed: Use this option to adjust your video speed up or slow down 

Consider using these options which make your video even more attractive. 

Start recording your video with 15 seconds of multi clips and different effects to each clip or use already recorded video from your phone’s library. Reels have the option to align your video.

Preview your video and you want any changes or you have an idea that makes this video even better. You have the option to delete it before posting it.

Once you have completed all the editing process, share your video to the explore page for everyone to view on Instagram. Reels have the features to share the video tagged people only in a separate tab on your profile. IGTV video is also visible in the explore page. However, Reels have more than half the explore page to give great visibility for your video.

Tips & Hacks To Spice Up Your Reels

Using editing feature music and effects which helps the audiences keep watching your video. To add relevant hashtags and descriptive captions helps to your targeted audience watch, when they search using your brand related hashtags. 

In spite of editing your reels video with filters, you may not get enough engagement if you are new to reels. In that case, you need an initial boost so that people start looking at your content and profile and the best way to accomplish this is to buy Instagram reels likes to get people’s eyeballs on your content and gradually improve your Instagram business profile and gain more engagement.

Your video clips that surprise and make the audience laugh out loud. Importantly, fun, entertainment, and creativity are part of the Reels. Don’t forget to include it. 


Through Reels, you can reach a wider audience, more engagement and more visibility. But make sure that your account is public because you can share Reels with just your followers only and also you cannot reach a new audience, if you have a profile setting that is private. Moreover that Instagram reels strategy helps to shoot up your account while you already use Instagram account for your business. So, try to use and track the result of reach, engagement and so on.