Hopefully, the Instagram algorithm is a piece of cake! Instagram story is a group of code that determines what users expect from you and prioritizes the story posts.

 You need to convince the algorithm which includes the post with different types of content that users are looking for Instagram.

This article explains, how the article works and how to utilize the knowledge to gain more Instagram story views.

The function of Instagram Algorithm

The basic core factors to make this determination that includes the following features:

Followers Interests:

Instagram tells what posts you need to check based on your past searches with a similar topic.

Time factors:

The latest post will give the highest priority to the older posts!


Commenting consistently on and off is also tagged in the post of the other profile will put them in your friends and family category.

Show your Instagram followers about the best credentials:

Give your followers a small hint or perfect glimpse about your work, say for example entrepreneur or influencer or leadership qualities which bring the audiences together. It also answers why followers need to follow your profile instead of others!

Bigger brands have the perfect chance to showcase the mission, values, and unique value statements. Best place to buy IG story views to focus the target audience to reach the Instagram profile with the ultimate goal that you seriously care about the products and brands.

Caption the story with Emoji art:

Emoji is the exquisite artwork to make the audience stay forever within the hold! Emoji creates wonders with the relatability factor especially linked with your best credentials and achievements.

Add some spice to your bio that clearly explains your personality, breaks the space, and provides the perfect opportunity to make a plain text engaging for your audiences. The Brand-oriented content seems to look more obvious, use emoji on your bio or story post or ads. Emoji is one of the simple ways to add humor to your post, wit, and funny element!

Try to post more Instagram stories for increased views:

Instagram stories have disappearing photos and videos that have turned out to be a craze among the people. One of the greatest ways to link up the followers. Some of the several chances for engagement such as:

  1. Polls b) Stickers c) Location stickers d)Hashtags

Therefore, Instagram stories have the popularity with the fact they are an additional opportunity for engagement helps to overall ranking in the feeds!