6 Indispensable Ways To Get More TikTok Views For Your Videos

TikTok has risen to its best in just five years as it was the seventh most-used social app globally. It has beaten all its competitor’s apps like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. However, the rise of the app made 100 million active users in the U.S. enjoy entertaining video content. TikTok can be used to target Gen-Z and millennials as they are vast. 

TikTok has a promising engagement rate that has led them to rapid growth in popularity. Also, it offers brands a new way to unleash their creative side, reach more exhaustively, and build loyal customers. 

Let’s get started on what are the way you can leverage on to bring views on TikTok:

Plan 1: Optimize Your Content To For You Page

What is a For You Page on TikTok?

For You page, also called TikTok FYP, filters the contents and views it based on the user’s past interactions. And if you want to go viral on TikTok, set a goal to optimize your content on the For You page. However, TikTok for you page is also called the homepage, and it is the first component when one enters into the TikTok application. 

The first and foremost positive impression about this page is you need not be an established creator or a famous person to get featured on For you page. And some still wonder why they should optimize the TikTok contents to For You page and how this benefits business owners and influencers. And here are the four reasons: platform growth, free exposure, followers and monetization, and finally, sponsorships and sales. 

The three essential ranking factors for TikTok for you page:

  1. User-Interaction – It is based on the likes, shares, and duets a video gets, and it is more likely that the algorithm picks it up.
  2. Video Information – They are nothing but the hashtags, sounds, and captions given to a video.
  3. Device And Account Settings – It decides location, languages, device, and country settings in curating your FYP.  

Plan 2: Add Trending Sounds And Effects On TikTok

Jumping into the trend is the best way which plays well on TikTok, bringing a massive amount of views. Usually, creating videos based on trends will be more helpful for the opinions on TikTok. There is a theory that among some TikTokers when you add a viral sound effect with low effective content it revolutionizes the content to more people. 

TikTok’s algorithm pushes some of the content similar to the previously watched videos by the users. Most people watch trend-based videos, so you are likely to be protected by more people when you participate in new trends. Act fast whenever you find a new direction on TikTok because trends come and go so quickly. 

Plan 3: Creator Collaboration In TikTok

Creator collaboration is the best factor that works wonders for your videos among the community of people. Collaborate with the creator of your niche as they could help your existence quickly because they have the same target audience which mirrors your subject. One of the successful examples of creator collaboration is the skincare brand Peace out. 

Peace Out is a skincare product, where Erin Murray, the company’s V.P. of the brand, told the Marketing Brew in their recent campaign about the budget on TikTok influencers. But when the company collaborated with the derma doctor with many followers, the original video got more likes on TikTok, i.e., 1M views. And the reposted video received about 9k views and is still counting, which helped in the brand’s popularity. 

Plan 4: Post Valuable Content On TikTok

Do you think that it sounds awful? Not at all; it is one of the best methods that work well to get more views on TikTok. You can utilize TikTok to create exciting and valuable content as there are a lot of competitors. If you are the one who uses TikTok at maximum, you would be noticing that “how-to” and educational content are performing well. 

Consider an example, Doctor Emi Mawson(@dentist_emi), the U.K.-based dentist, an expert creating content that relies on professional expertise and a provider of takeaways for her TikTok audience. By pairing the sounds and effects with an interesting niche. You can buy TikTok views that would be helpful to provide to outshine your identification—executing the same as Dr. Mawson did attract thousands of viewers. 

Plan 5: Engagement With Users On Your Niche

TikTok was at first very famous for its lip-syncing and dancing videos, but now it has become a home for all kinds of content. Now, decide whatever sort of niche you have for you and your audience. If you know who your target audience is and what type of content they engage, and the creators they follow, you can get a clear view of what to do next. 

Once you have a list of users, begin to build relationships with them, thereby commenting and liking their posts. You even can send D.M.s to them so they can consider you at any instance. A regular engagement with other users under your niche will help build a supportive network for your brands. This will be more helpful to get more likes, comments, and shares for your TikTok account. By doing so, you can boost your profile with the algorithm. 

Plan 6: Cross-Promotion On Other Platforms

When you are an avid social media user, you will know all the nooks and corners of every social platform. Also, you could notice that people nowadays share their favorite TikTok content to other media also. However, this kind of cross-promotion can help brands to establish their fame to the fullest. 

By cross-promoting the contents to other social platforms, people will get to know about the particular product and make a purchase if they are interested, and this leads to sales in the brand’s market. 

Sharing the TikTok videos across your Instagram stories might tempt the viewers to watch the TikTok account in some cases. You even can add a strong call-to-action that would encourage the viewers to check the TikTok account. 


By following the above tips, you are likely to get more views on TikTok. Remember that all the hashtags and sounds might not help you for your succession. Create unique and shareable content so that people can maintain long-lasting relationships.